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Q&A with San Diego Unified School Board candidate Tom Keliinoi

Charter schools, school safety, inflated graduation rates… Listen or read the entire interview for Tom’s views on these and more.

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Meet Tom Keliinoi

Anyone can grab a title, but it’s the quality of character and grit a person has to fight for the rights and well-being of others that demonstrates true leadership. Tom Keliinoi (TK) has demonstrated his leadership to the benefit of others as a husband, father, grandfather, and diligent professional. Now he’s ready to fight for the rights of San Diego children.

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Tom’s Pledges to San Diego Parents

Experienced Leadership

As a founding member and board president of a San Diego Unified public school, I know it takes collaboration and leadership to create success. Within four years we received  designation as a California Distinguished School with testing well above the state average in Math and Reading.

Quality Education for All

Every child, no matter where they live or what they look like, should have access to a quality education. Promoting diversity in education fosters a healthy educational environment. Every child is worth investing in because every child is special.

Responsible Management

As the second largest publicly funded school district in California, taxpayers ultimately pay the bills. The business of education requires business leadership and experience. As an accomplished business executive, I understand the importance of balancing institutional needs and taxpayer accountability.

Time For Change

As a parent and grandparent, I want to advocate for a community where all voices are heard: parents, teachers, and students alike. Building a community that offers support, safety, and collaboration  improves the opportunity for educational excellence and accountability. 

Tom’s Pledges to San Diego Parents

I will employ responsible management practices.

I will apply my 30+ years of management experience to the responsible management of the San Diego school district and its physical, human, and financial resources. I will tackle transportation and other excessive costs and work to save taxpayer dollars.

I will support teachers.

I will improve professional development opportunities work on creating a path for advancement to keep teachers in the classroom. I will work to creative incentives for teachers to focus on areas in need of improvement as well as incentives to bring the BEST teachers to distressed areas.

I will maintain fairness and transparency.

I will listen to parents and make decisions based on the needs of students and families. I will make use of all available technology to interact with parents and maintain transparency.

I will set an example for future board members.

I will respect the need to change! I will serve no less than one full term and I will serve no more than two full terms.

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