We’re dedicated to reforming California’s public educational institutions.


How about putting students first – For A Change?

Through accountability that starts at the top – our elected public school board trustees

Through leadership free from special interests who are willing to do more than use the word accountability

With new ideas that DISRUPT our current system and set goals to make it #1

How about new candidates on the board – For A Change?

The current San Diego Unified School board has a lot of experience; in politics, resolutions, and promoting agendas. How about when all 5 current board members ignored the will of voters, the San Diego County Grand Jury, and even their own “election committee” findings when challenged to bring reform in 2016, 2017, 2018, and now 2019?

They pushed Measure H in 2018 all the way up to the November ballot and it passed. But most didn’t read the fine print. They exempted themselves, all 5 of them, from existing service. Meaning ALL of them can serve thru 2032. Or beyond. Unless someone is indicted.

Want to do something about it  – For A Change?

Interested in running for school board? We’d be happy to talk. Just tell us more. Don’t worry, you don’t need to overdo it. Change starts with you! 

Quality Education For ALL – For A Change?

Maybe you’re passionate like us about education. We know what it’s like to step up like Teddy Roosevelt. It’s serious stuff. That’s why we do what we do. We want to help you by providing expert guidance that we’ve learned through one or two campaigns. We know what it takes to get you to the point where your focus is on the important stuff – like meeting the peeps, going to school on the issues, and knowing how to communicate your message. 

We know how to take care of the details that can be overwhelming for first-time candidates. From filing, messaging, demographic studies, target audience(s), creating and launching cost-effective digital platforms, fundraising, and a host of other complexities that come when considering the launch of an effective campaign. We get it.

And that’s part of why we’re here. So, if you’re considering stepping into the arena and want to talk, contact us with the what, where, and why. Keep it brief. If it looks legit, we’ll reach out. Change is good, and sometimes it’s hard. But the right change will change the world. 

Education is non-partisan and parties are for celebrating with friends, family, and supporters after you’ve run a good race.