Common Core Is Fundamentally Flawed

Classroom Accountability vs. Common Core

Common Core doesn’t create an innovative environment for learning, it specifies what students should know at each grade level and describes the skills that they must acquire in order to achieve career or college readiness. Individual school districts are responsible for choosing curricula.

  • Initiatives mean little unless and until district leaders take the lead by enabling and equipping teachers to choose and/or develop curricula based on the individual needs of their student population. Local control should not be a buzzword. One size does not fit all. By funding peer and community stakeholder collaboration, students, teachers, and the communities they serve will benefit.
  • Accountability is at our fingertips. Technology now allows a teacher to give a test, score it in the classroom and provide immediate feedback to students while ensuring teachers can adapt, reteach concepts missed, and provide the district with measurable accountability.
  • Assess, develop, teach, reassess, reteach. Technology is advanced enough to provide immediate test assessment that allows teachers to evaluate lesson plans and curricula daily.