Parents Deserve a Say in Curriculum

The current sex education curriculum was forced on the parents of our district by way of a state mandate.

Despite the fact that there were funds set aside in the budget to discuss this issue with parents and more than 5,000 parents signed a petition in opposition to AB 329 demanding an opportunity to voice their opinion on this issue, they were ignored by the school board and the measure was pushed through anyway.

  • I support and open and frequent collaboration with parents regarding what they may deem appropriate to teach their children.
  • The board exists to represent the people of SDUSD regarding education, not to push a personal agenda. This is not possible without considering the viewpoints of parents in the district.
  • If some parents believe the current Sex Ed curriculum would be beneficial to their child I believe an opt-in system should be used, meaning if parents would like to have their children exposed to what some may consider controversial material, they must voluntary opt-in to the program.
  • At the end of the day education is about choice. With an opt-in/out system parents will be able to decide for themselves whether or not their child be exposed to controversial topics within the curriculum.