Parents Deserve a Real Say in Curriculum

The current sex education curriculum called SHEP is an over-reach by the current board, despite their claims that it’s a “state mandate”.

Over 10,000 parents have lobbied SDUSD for age-appropriate sex education as a result of AB 329. The board instead chose to listen to outside special interests who claim they know what’s best for parents.

SHEP curriculum allows a male teacher to teach a 6th grade child how to masturbate and pleasure themselves and others. The curriculum is so graphic that it cannot be discussed in mixed company in public without censure, including censure by the FCC. It is the latest example of how a lack of representation is pushing social engineering on our community at all grade levels, including Kindergarten.

  • Time for Change San Diego supports open and frequent collaboration with parents regarding what they may deem appropriate to teach their children.
  • The board exists to represent the parents and students of SDUSD regarding education, not to push personal agendas. This is not possible without considering and listening to the viewpoints of parents in the district.
  • If some parents believe the current Sex Ed curriculum would be beneficial to their child we believe an opt-in system should be used, meaning if parents would like to have their children exposed to what some may consider controversial material, they must voluntary opt-in to the program. Today the program is an opt-out choice.
  • At the end of the day education is about choice. With an opt-in/out system parents will be able to decide for themselves whether or not their child will be exposed to controversial topics within the curriculum.