Transparency & Accountability Are Non-Negotiable

Public school boards have the responsibility to represent the people of the district, serving as a manager between the interests of both educators and parents to ensure a quality education while maintaining the highest degree of transparency in all that they do.

This cannot be accomplished when board members ignore parents and voters and refuse to openly and publicly collaborate with both educators and parents, ensuring equal and fair representation.

  • In San Diego Unified, when parents and press have to fight to challenge the deletion of emails, the District has taken unacceptable steps backwards while perpetuating the lack of transparency.
  • Multiple SDUSD board members are endorsed by various teachers unions. The school board should never be an extension of the teachers union. The responsibility of the board is to ensure that the rights of both educators and parents are represented and respected.
  • School board elections should be district only with term limits of two four year terms in order to ensure that board members remain accountable to the people they are elected to represent, rather than concerning themselves with getting reelected or using the school board as a launching pad for higher office